Lower Highlands (LoHi)

First off, we MUST start with a disclaimer. The “Highlands” generally refer to 2 separate neighborhoods in Denver: Lower Highlands (LoHi), and West Highlands.  However, these are not the same, they have very different layouts, styles, restaurants ext…  So let’s define each neighborhood.  The Lower Highlands, also called LoHi, is bordered on the North by 38th Ave, the South by Speer blvd, East by I-25, and the West by Federal blvd.  West Highlands is bordered on the North by 38th Ave, South by 29th Ave, East by Federal, and the West by Sheridan.

Now that that’s straight, in this blog we’re going to be talking about the Lower Highlands.  If you’d like to read about the West Highlands, click HereFor the remainder of this blog, I’ll be referring to the Lower Highlands as LoHi (It’s what the locals say).

What do I like best about LoHi? 


For starters, I LOVE the location!  It can’t be beat, in my opinion.  We are as close to the city as we can be, without being in LoDo.  Just cross over the Highland Bridge, an awesome pedestrian bridge you need to check out, and you’re there.  Walking to Coors Field for a Rockies game only takes about 20 minutes, and it’s only a $5 Uber to Union Station if you need to catch a train to DIA.  If you want to go skiing, we have easy access to I-70 via I-25, or if there’s traffic there, jet up Pecos St and you’re on 70 in no time.

*Highland pedestrian bridge, and view of Union Station from LoHi.

Neighborhood Feel

Because we are so close to the city, this unique “neighborhood feel” that LoHi offers is what captures me the most.  Above, I mentioned walking to a Rockies game, well on that walk you’ll pass by people sitting on their front porches with friends, people out jogging, running, young couples holding hands, bicyclist, and even the occasional rollerblader….. I’ve been that guy, don’t judge.  There’s a basketball court between Avanti and Prost Brewing that people will play pick up games at, another park in front of Little Man Ice Cream to play catch.  The outdoor lifestyle is abundant.  The point is, you’re not surrounded by skyscrapers, and you don’t feel that city rush all of the time, it’s more relaxed and people are friendly.


Diverse Architecture

When driving down the narrow streets of LoHi, you’ll notice the old mixed with the new.  Yes, there are some large apartment buildings being built over by Central St, like Centric LoHi – it’s not a secret people want to move here, but when you’re on the back streets, you’ll see a house built in 1885 next to a house build in 2017.  There are a lot of original brick heavy homes built in the 1800’s, some of which have deteriorated over the years and have been replaced by a new urban design.  For example, I live in a traditional townhouse built in 1885 – all brick exterior and exposed brick on the interior – personal favorite – and my neighbor’s house was built in 2015 boasting the new urban look.


Great Bars and Restaurants

This is arguably my favorite part about LoHi, because I love great beer and food, but I put this as 4th on the list because I don’t believe the great bars and restaurants would be here without the above 3 reasons.  The bars here appeal to the young professionals and the hip…dare I say hipsters… If you are looking for some bumping clubs or loud music, this isn’t the place for you – you should probably head to LoDo.  LoHi bars are good for indulging in great beer and conversation with friends.  If you are with a large group of people and want to please everyone, you should head to Avanti Food & Beverage – it’s a local favorite.  Avanti offers a plethora of food and drink options.  They are “food truck” style in that they have multiple different vendors inside.  Grab a bite on the rooftop to get some great city views.  Another restaurant worth noting with great city views is the Ale House on Central and 16th.  Pick from one of their 40 draft beers and enjoy the rooftop views.  When you’re in the hipster mood  and want the best cocktail in town, go to Williams and Graham, it’s a speakeasy that is a must see.  My favorite burger in town is at Highland Tap & BurgerAnd who can forget about Little Man Ice Cream?!  Weather it’s a brutally hot summer day, or a snow storm in February, there will always be a line at Little man, it’s that good!

*Avanti Bar, and Little Man Ice Cream.

Favorite Coffee Shop

There are a ton of coffee shops in LoHi, but my favorite one hands down is Black Eye CoffeeYou need to check it out.


I love the lifestyle LoHi has to offer, being close to downtown while maintaining a neighborhood feel is hard to beat.  There’s always something fun to do, great people to meet, and fantastic food and beer to enjoy.  Thanks for reading; if you have any questions about LoHi, feel free to reach out.

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