LoDo Real Estate

Lower Downtown (referred to as LoDo) is located in the heart of Denver and is bordered on the North by 20th St, South by Speer blvd, East by Lawrence St, and the West by Little Raven St.  LoDo is a popular place to live because of its proximity to jobs, and all the amenities it has to offer.

We have seen steady growth in the real estate market here in the last several years.  In the past 5 years, real estate in LoDo has appreciated an average of 7.4% a year.

LoDo is made up almost entirely of condos and townhomes.  In the past year, 169 condos and townhomes have sold, while 0 single family homes sold.  The average sales price was $594,799, ranging from a high of $1,433,700 for a luxurious condo to a low of $191,251 for an affordable housing unit.  The average amount of days these homes were on the market was 31, and the list price to sales price ratio was 95.7% – meaning buyers had to pay at least 95.7% of the list price to win the bid.

LoDo is an extremely competitive market, and many times there are multiple offers on each listing.

Feel free to reach out if you’d like help winning a home in LoDo.


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